North American Epic


Seafood, heritage sites and mariachi bands…

The final section of our trans-continental odyssey on two wheels begins in the Sinaloa state port of Mazatlan, which is famous for its Aquarium, and Pacific Ocean beaches. Enjoy lagosta al ajo (garlic lobster) washed down with Corona and Tequila during a day off. Back in the saddle our Mexican mainland route features several Unesco World Heritage sites.

At Puerto Vallarta we bid adios to palm grove playas and freshly caught fruta del mar and begin our ascent into the Sierra Mascota and the Mexican plateau. We then pass through the Sierra Verde and central valleys of Jalisco state en route to Mexico’s friendliest and 2nd largest city, Guadalajara.

This metropolis and cultural centre of 7 million features several universities and the Hospicio cabanas heritage site, but it is best known for its beautiful plazas and as the home of Mariachi music. From Guadalajara we begin the final stretch of the tour by cycling along the shores of the Laguna de Chapala where Canadian and USA expats winter. After a breakfast of huevos rancheros in Ocotlán we follow secondary roads towards the colonial towns of Guanajuato state, which include the heritage sites of old Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende.

The historic monument zone of Queretaro city is worth a visit, before we cycle triumphantly as a Convoy de los Conquistadores y Cyclistas into Mexico City at the end of our 10,000 km journey. After celebrating with more cervezas it is time to say goodbye to the friends we have made, pack up our bikes and head for the airport enriched with memories to last a lifetime.

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