Global Bicycle Expeditions

Choose a tour on one of 6 continents and in over 60 countries around the world. From 10 days to five and a half months, we have an amazing cycling expedition waiting for you!

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Orient Express Trans-Europa Silk Route Indian
Bamboo Road Trans-Oceania


Find the tour that's right for you!


Tour d’Afrique Ltd. is committed to providing our clients unparalleled personal challenges on two wheels and the experiences of a lifetime.

7 Epics

The 7 Epics is the ultimate cycling challenge. A series of 7 supported cycling epics that touch every corner of the globe.


Giving back, helping get bikes to those in need.


Over the years, our tours have caught the attention of many media outlets.

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Border Crossings

Aside from sourcing water, safe camp sites, suitable roads or enough food for 30 hungry cyclists, one of the greatest

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An Auspicious Begining

After cycling the world for 12 years, there is always the potential for a surprise. My bags are packed, I

Chin after his extra 60km riding his last uphill before camp

New Beginings

The donuts are about the size of your face With 8 of our cyclists departing in Bratislava and 4 cyclists