P1010199  TDA Nov 17 Mth Rural India

Guest Blog: Denise Quinlan Shares Her Motivation Behind a New Book

So two thousand and fourteen has been quite a year.

on my return a couple friends suggested that I put a book together of my photos
In summary, a 5 month and 5 day sabbatical of cycling, volunteering and exploring in India and Nepal, a new career and oh, a freshly published book just rolling off the press. Who knew?!


Tips from James

With the tour now finished and most riders and staff back home with families or travelling onward on their own,


Update from Kerala

Yes this is our final state, yes the trip is almost over, but now more than ever is the time

Photo 3-4-2014, 11 39 49 AM

A Sign of the Times

I pulled it wide open. Much to my surprise and horror, it turned out to be a ventilation / mechanical